Tuesday, 11 April 2017

I'm clearing out old cycling kit

Back in 2010 I ventured abroad on a road bike for the first time, completing the Raid Pyrenean in the late Summer. A few weeks after that I rode from Bristol to Land's End to raise funds for the Children's ward of the Bristol Royal Infirmary.

Since then I have done quite a few charity bike rides, I see it as the ideal way to combine things that matter to me - cycling and raising money for charity. But this year I'm taking a break from asking for money from everyone I know, and instead, I'm clearing out some space in my cycling wardrobe. You see, I am a natural hoarder and so it takes a focused effort of will to dispose of anything, let alone cycling kit. But needs must, the new Rapha collection is on its way and it has to hang somewhere.

So I thought it would make a mildly interesting blog post (for me anyway if not for you) to list what is for sale, along with a running commentary about what each piece means to me. And in return, you can contact me and let me know which clothing item you would like, and make the accompanying donation to Children's Hospice South West the charity supported by my employer this year.

If you would like any of these items (which all fit a 5 foot 8, 11 stone male, with shortish legs), please contact me. Although I'm willing to listen to offers for things, particularly if you want to buy multiple items, I'm not going to be negotiating, they are all priced to sell, and it's for charity. So behave accordingly please.

Item 1: A red Endura showerproof jacket. £5

Not that showerproof, but it will keep the chill off on a cool Summer morning before the day has warmed up. I remember one such lovely ascent of the Col du Port out of Massat, just post-dawn with mists in the valley and sunshine breaking through. Later on I'd absolutely boil in the Summer heat. (see my Pyrenees 2010 Facebook album!)

Also has some nice reflectives for the morning commute, and folds into itself for storage in a rear jersey pocket.

Item 2. An Endura Gridlock Mark 1 Rain/commuter jacket. £10

Not worn this one that much, preferring the hi-viz yellow for the mad rush hour that sometimes Bristol can be.  remember taking it to France a few times, it stood me in good stead coming down the Aspin once, although soaked to the skin, it did just about stave off the hypothermia, it was a rainstorm unlike anything you will ever see in the UK.

It's pretty waterproof, reasonably warm, and has underarm vents, lots of reflectives.

Item 3: Assos Mille shorts, red at the front and black at the rear.  £20

In reasonable nick with a fair amount of life left in them, and very, very comfortable, if a slightly naff colour. Not worn since 2012, when I first red the rules. Would suit a more flamboyant character than me.

Item 4. A purple Somerset-branded jersey, full length zip, 3 pockets etc. By Half-baked brand (now defunct so a collector's piece!).  £10

I have tried to like this, but the gender-conditioning is too strong for me. It's a girl's colour. Otherwise fantastic, I wore it in Tenerife, where people didn't know me so wouldn't judge me, but otherwise it very good condition.

Item 5: A pair of Castelli bib shorts (don't know the name, but they cost a lot new, are lightweight so suit Summer riding). £40

These are in excellent condition because I've only worn them once. The Italian size large equates to a small child in the UK, I rode them up the Tourmalet on a hot day, and I swear the circulation was cut off to my feet. I'd love to keep them, but I am too fat.

Item 6: A Castelli lightweight jersey, size large but bizarrely comfortable £40

Also in excellent condition, and originally very expensive, it goes well with the shorts above. But I've taken against it and haven't worn it since 2013. A couple of nicks but otherwise good.

Picture of me in both bits of kit, looking ragged at the top of the Tourmalet that day in 2013.

Item 7: Giordana jersey and shorts, vintage 2011, Good quality in their day, seen a bit of wear but still good for commuting. Priced as a set to sell at £15.

I remember finishing my last Tour of Wessex in this jersey, 2014. Not worn since.

Item 8a : Altura Night vision short-sleeve commuter's jersey. £15

As bright as you could possibly need. Not worn that much and in good condition. Would go as a pair with the next item (£25 for both).

Item 8b : DHB Medium bib-shorts with flouro leg grippers, good quality for their price, £15.

Item 9: Altura flouro long-sleeved fleecy jersey. £20.

Somehow falls in the same territory as a short sleeve jersey, gilet and arm-warmers, so good for Spring and Autumn, or under a coat for Winter.

Item 10: Altura pocket rocket shower proof jacket. £15.

Very useful for heavy sharp, short rain showers, it folds down into a small bag, which is why it's a bit creased. It's a bit too small for me, which is why I have used it on only a handful of occasions, buy very good piece of kit.

Item 11: A Northwave Winter jersey with only two rear pockets. £15

It breaks my heart to sell this. I wore it on my LEJOG in 2009 and it was my first Winter jersey. But it's been in the drawer for over 6 years and I'm never go to wear it again. Still in good condition though, would suit someone who doesn't realise you need three pockets!

 Item 12: A cycling fleece. £10

Very warm. It's from my mountain biking days, and would also suit commuters who care nothing for style.

Item 13: A pair of Flour gloves. Worn a lot. £3

Item 14: A pair of Castelli mitts. £5

For the Summer. Thin but stylish.

Item 15: A pair of DHB long-fingered gloves, suitable for Spring/Autumn. £5

Hardly worn. Would fit someone with quite long fingers. Longer than mine anyway.

Item 16: Unused pair of Assos lightweight socks. £3

Item 17: A pair of waterproof commuter trousers. £15

I didn't know any better. Worn them for walking a few times, but not suitable for road riding these days.


 And that's it for now. Not that interesting but hope I can get rid of the lot and make a bit of cash for a good cause. If you wish to buy, please email me, or reply to this on Facebook. All stuff will go on first-come, first served basis. At my discretion, and as I said, don't take the mick please, it's for charity.