Sunday, 15 July 2012

A face staring back at me

I have always loved  good sunsets. Ones with a multiplicity of colours and shades are my favourites, but I'm not too particular. The presence of a big ball of fire slinking over the horizon is enough, and if you throw in a nice picturesque landscape, or better still, seascape, I'm a very happy man.

This one was taken in July 2006, on the last day of our holiday in Devon, it's a shame we saw nothing like it this year, the weather being unremarkably, and perpetually dull and grey.

You may be wondering what this has to do with cycling. Well, about as much as this blog usually does, being as cycling is an incidental thread of pleasure that rides though the middle of my life. And it is 10 days since I sat on a bike, on my last commute, and all I have done in the exercise department for the last week, is a few bits of swimming, body-boarding (not that great, waves very small), and one good hike along the cliff-top path. Last Sunday.

Skip has done an excellent blog about our participation in the Great Weston Ride today (see panel to the right).  Usual kind of fare, nice weather, nice people, excellent jersey, can't wait fo the photo. I found it tough going after all that rest, but I'm feeling fairly alert and looking forward to trying my knee out on the football pitch tomorrow.

Charlie's route today shows that we weren't hanging about, and I'm only sorry that I didn't insist on Belmont Hill on the way in, and Canada Coombe on the way back. I think I've got the endurance bit sussed, I just need to work on the hills, again, and again, and again.

If you saw the Tour today you will have seen all the riders getting punctures from the tacks at the top of the Mur de Peguere. I hope they have cleared them all up, as I have to climb that col in a few weeks and no-one is going to come running out of a support car to give me a spare wheel. At 3 km, the steep bits don't last long, so I might have to go up to the gliding club next week as a bit of practice. ACG, you have been warned.

Mrs MR and I decided our seaside holidays in the wet and cold have passed their sell-by dates, as mini MR now finds everything "boring", that is when he's not telling us everything is so unfair. Tomorrow I'm back to work, having successfully relaxed, got loads of sleep, put things into perspective and decided (again) that I'm not going to let the little things bother me. For other reasons though, I think this time it might just stick.

The Schofield Kid: [after killing a man for the first time] "Yeah, well, I guess they had it coming."

Will Munny : "We all got it coming, kid."


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