Monday, 16 September 2013

Late night surfing for answers

Late night surfing for answers

Tragedy, suffering, visible mourning, everyone sees.

The silent, stealthy pernicious hole appears as if,

From nowhere, but unfelt unless you have one

Like a collapsed star in the middle of your heart.


You carry on, you get better, you even plan

For a changed future you hope will be different

But on your birthday, there are no candles and

No-one can ever bake a cake as nice again

So you stay up and search for some answers

In the songs or the music on YouTube

And sometimes you almost articulate what

Is going on in that missing bit of you


But the rest of the world goes blithely on

With its trains and talking and humdrum days

Whilst you look out at a sky you can’t share

In the way that it’s really meant to be

One battled like mad, fought to the end

The other welcomed but feared it

And your time, my time, is coming soon

So watch the sunset, and feel your heart

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