Monday, 21 April 2014

Seventeen come Sunday

Despite the predicted April showers that we will probably see over the next few days, and the occasional torrential storm that will have everyone moaning, it looks like Spring has finally arrived. Even commuting to work is fun on days like this, especially when you can get a view like this first thing in the morning.

Today was a beautiful archetype of a Spring day. Despite being born in early Autumn, this is my favourite time of year. As the days are longer than the nights, and that daylight ratio keeps getting better, so it is that the promise of longer, dryer, warmer bike rides dangles enticingly in front of our Garmin mounts.

Even the kit-choice debates have moved into more optimistic territory. Arm warmers? Gilet? Leg-warmers or just shorts? Winter coats have been left behind in favour of rain capes, "just in case", and buffs migrate from the neck to the crown of the MAMIL's balding head.

Don't forget route choices either. Today our record-breaking bunch of road cyclists and Steve (Man for all terrains) Down, all managed to get to the Stable Tea Rooms at Bishop Sutton, even if we did splinter amidst punctures and "homes to get to" on the way back. Sixteen of us there were. Sixteen! Ian, Steve A, Bill, Dan, James, Clayton, Dave (thanks for taking the main party back btw), Helen, Jennifer, Robin, Steve D, Ray, Russell, Jon, Trevor and me.

Perhaps next Sunday we will have one more and then we can all hum one of these fabulous tunes. Always make me think of Spring they do, and it's the right geography too.



I'm not even going to complain about the puncture party. Jennifer picked a lovely hillside spot in the full sunshine to double puncture. Our somewhat inept efforts took ages, but who cares? What would we rather be doing, sat in the traffic?

Or looking at views like this?

Thanks to everyone for making Easter Monday thoroughly enjoyable.

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