Sunday, 15 June 2014

Happy Father's Day

I once spent an entire sportive calculating the numbers of insects that are killed by the peloton in the course of an average Tour de France. I think I might even have bored some other people with some of my assumptions and variables, just for clarification.

When you ride a bike as much as I do, you have to be inventive about thinking of new things to run through your febrile imagination. That is on the bits of the ride when you're not wheezing your way up the hills or trying not to hit the gravel patches on the downs.

But today I wanted to go out early before the crowds were out. And this is what I came up with.

The excitement of the toy shop,
I still see it in my dreams
Pulling at your trousers
Where the pocket joins the seams
Or all those Sunday walks
Stone-throwing to the sea
Smashing through the bracken
You chasing after me
Or phoning just to grumble
Or laugh at something odd
Knowing you were always there
Agreeing there’s no God
Those poppies in the fields I saw
Were like the way you cried
Such sadness and such sorrow
The day your sweetheart died
Your laughter goes on in my head
You humming little songs
I can’t touch you any more
But that doesn’t mean you’re gone
Happy Father’s Day, Dad

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