Sunday, 18 January 2015


If you are a cyclist and you are feeling pleased with yourself, spare a thought for Steve Abrahams. Today while I bimbled around Somerset doing a modest 120ish km, Steve was on his way back from York. To Milton Keynes.  Which is a fuck of a long way, on a nice sunny Summer's day.

It's 227 miles.

But in January, in sub-zero temperatures, it's monumental. With the emphasis on mental. And on top of the reverse of that journey yesterday, it's Herculean. Then factor in that he's already done 3145 miles this month, and I'd say that makes him  something a bit special. More special than you. And even more special than me, and, like all bloggers, I'm pretty special.

And he plans to keep going as he hopes to beat Tommy's record.

If he does it he has got to be a shoe-in for SPOTY 2015. That would be good.

Here are some pictures from our outing to Hestercombe today.

Alan looking chuffed as he contemplates his 200 miles for the week

The best-dressed man with a ginger beard in BK Velo. And a very nice chap

Martyn & Trevor faffing. Jon laughing at my sensitivity to sudden noises

Mark Church. Misty.

Telegraph pole at sunrise.

Tim practising his scooting skills while Ray waives him on

Wellington monument from Hestercombe

A miracle happened today. Another one tomorrow. And again on Tuesday. And Wednesday.

And if you don't know what I'm talking about you are not looking hard enough.

And now for something completely different. Intelligence.

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