Monday, 6 April 2015

The Green of the Valley

Easter. Oh how I love it when the vernal equinox gives way to the full moon and the first Sunday after heralds the second and third Bank Holidays of the year.

I've been totally convinced about the complete absence of a God from the Universe for a number of years now, although as with all my opinions I reserve the right to change that view. Particularly at moments of extreme stress, like at the end of play-off finals or towards the end of long Audax rides. Bristol Rovers fans take note, you too may soon be calling on a higher power. What date is your play-off final anyway?

But I do like a four-day week. And I like two of them back-to-back even more, because they give opportunities for combining family stuff, and cycling. Now there is a Rapha "archive" store in Shepton Mallet I know there is one place I can take Mrs Mendip Rouleur and leave with us both happy. Although junior will have to be bribed, but that's parenting for you.

I'd like to say something witty, intelligent or profound about the election. But I just can't be bothered. Martyn and I were chatting about this on our date on Friday night (although I eventually spent the night in a room with my bike, not him) at the Travelodge in Tewkesbury. It's a lot less glamorous than it sounds. All those centuries of struggle to get us all the vote, and what do we end up with? And I know someone out there is thinking, "well, if you don't like that lot, why don't you stand and do better?" or "well, you get the politicians you deserve!" etc. etc. depressingly etc.

It makes me whimsically nostalgic for the good old days of Screaming Lord Sutch. If only the mythical Mr Tarquin Fim Tim Lim Bim Fatang Fatang Ole Biscuit Barrel was a real person. This sums it up.

All that aside, here are a few pictures from Saturday's Audax over to Llandovery and back. Thankfully no wild weather this weekend, just empty sky, rolling hills, and nice people again. Bit of a habit this! I wish I had taken a picture of the canal.  If politicians spent more time restoring places like this in a practical way, instead of endless and pointless point-scoring, then our communities might have a bit more respect for them.

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