Sunday, 3 February 2013

Red is the colour of the new republic

I have not been doing enough cycling this year. Come to think of it, I have not been doing enough exercise and I have been doing too much eating. Reasons, explanations, analysis, evaluation, excuses. Take your pick, it doesn't matter really as the stomach expands and the fitness declines it all amounts to the same thing.

I have an improvised training camp in Tenerife next week, which should strain familial bonds to the utmost, despite prior permissions being sought, agreed and signed off in triplicate. What I hoped for when I planned it (don't laugh, plans do happen in my world, they are just much more statements of loose intent and flexibility than in the worlds of others) was to be pretty fit and raring to climb volcanoes in the temperate sunshine. In shorts with a light rain jacket for the descents.

Instead I will be puffing and wheezing, straining my thighs and spreading Rouleur DNA all over the lower slopes of the mountain. I don't know if I'll make the upper slopes, one day at a time. Let my cycling do the talking on the road.

Today was an ACG impromptu ride which ended up being just shy of 60 miles for yours truly. A fair amount of climbing too, and lots of great company. Honestly? I'm a bit wasted, and lacking in chutzpah to write long descriptions of the Mendips, Mells, getting lost (you didn't notice? Just shows how I carry these little things off with such adaptability and panache), mud, mist, wind (PLEASE WILL SOMEONE EXPLAIN HOW FOG AND WIND CAN CO-EXIST? No don't it will be too anoraky).

For some reason all seven of my companions were dressed in black. It was almost as if they had colour co-ordinated what to wear. I may have passed the odd comment, but actually I'm quite pleased at my colours.

In other news Grant and I have booked tickets for Stiff Little Fingers (Grant informed me that this song is his life, be warned they are a punk band!) and The Men they couldn't hang, (and this song, well I think it's about me) at the end of March. Quite what it's going to be like, I have no idea, although I don't think it will be as wild or significant as the last time I saw them. But that's another story.

Here is today's route to Mells and back, the longest of the year so far. I'm aiming to have doubled my mileage by the time I come back from Tenerife. I tell you, it better not rain or someone is going to be very, very cross.

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